Our story.

Botanicals for a better world

At Global Extracts, our mission is to reliably provide botanicals for a better world. That mission has led to our products being sold in over 100 million retail units, and it fuels our continuing focus on providing the highest-quality kratom extracts via a robust, dependable supply chain that brands can count on.


Unmatched Reliability

Customer-Centric Approach

When you partner with Global Extracts, you are choosing a large-scale supplier dedicated to your brand’s growth and success. That means ensuring you receive the extracts you need, when you need them, without the risk of sudden shortages.


Competitive Pricing

Tailored for Your Success

Our team has expert knowledge of the expenses associated with marketing kratom products. Our pricing model empowers our partners to build sustainable, growing businesses with predictable, highly competitive sourcing costs.


Superior Taste and Flavor Profile

Consistency in Every Batch

Flavor plays a major role in influencing consumer preferences. Our GMP-certified extraction process, developed over 14+ years, leads to a reliably superior taste profile compared to the average extract. That is a key reason why our products have millions of satisfied, loyal customers.


Future Proof Your Business

Proactive Longevity

As the kratom industry grows and matures, it is almost certain that regulatory requirements pertaining to product safety will increase in scope and scale. Our scientifically rigorous, responsible products will position you well for compliance with future regulations - so you can focus on growing your brand.

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